SUPERNAP (Thailand) educational program is designed to create awareness of the data center industry and to inspire the next generation of talent.

With 700 hyperscale projects in operation or under construction, estimated to reach 1000 in early 2025 at the latest according to the latest report by Synergy Research, the digital industry is facing a skills shortage globally.

The need to attract talents to the industry is also faced across other sectors, which require similar skills, under the digital era. And despites the numerous consequences of competencies shortage for enterprises, which include the risk of lowering the customer service, and consequently the sales and profitability, the insufficient speed to market and the inability to keep up with competitors; only 1 in 3 organizations indicate they have a formal process and resources in place to address skills gap challenges.

Aware that the widening gap needs to be addressed immediately and from multiple fronts, SUPERNAP (Thailand), the data center leader in APAC located in the Eastern Economical Corridor, established a strong educational CSR program, which include internship programs, tours of the data center by universities students, and the sponsorship of the Techathon organized by Bangkok Patana students.

As the first hyperscale data center in the country it is SUPERNAP (Thailand)’s aim to connect with future generations to ensure they are aware of the wide array of career opportunities that are part of the data center industry.

By inviting students to visit the state-of-the-art facility and engage with professionals of the digital infrastructure, students understand how their data and media are stored and managed; how video and pictures, social media profiles, personal information such as bank access, etc. are kept and powered, what data centers are and why they are so important to our connected world.

And to inspire the next generation of talents further, the internship program aims to support students improving their skills, gaining hands-on experience, and building the self-confidence needed to develop their future career.

For this term, a student from Chulalongkorn university has been selected to join the Critical Infrastructure System Operations Team, while a student from the University of Khon Kaen will be doing an internship in the Network Operations team.

Respectively from Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Majors, both in their 3rd year, the students will benefit from a unique learning experience, empowering them for the opportunity to reach beyond their ambition.

Internship and data center visit programs run all year long. Students and universities interested in joining are invited to contact [email protected]

About SUPERNAP (Thailand):

SUPERNAP (Thailand) is a joint venture between Thai leading companies and Switch, the world Leader in data center ecosystems and designs.

SUPERNAP (Thailand) Tier IV certified data center offers 100% uptime colocation and cloud services, to large companies, multinationals, government, and cloud service providers.