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The driven, the dedicated and the brilliant

We are always looking for the driven, the dedicated and the brilliant. Please select your area of expertise and upload your resume to build a career with SUPERNAP Thailand.

Critical Systems

The Critical Systems team is responsible for the monitoring, maintenance and repair of the HVAC and electrical infrastructure. We look for experienced technicians and apprentices who possess formal technical training in HVAC, electronics or electricity. Qualified candidates must have excellent verbal and electronic communication skills along with a passion and aptitude for learning the latest in engineering technology.

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Facility Operations

Facility Operations is responsible for the appearance and maintenance of all properties and client infrastructure installation. Our team is always looking for talented individuals with mechanical aptitude who can communicate effectively and have the ability to work with a diverse team. Candidates should have a good working knowledge of hand tools and a skilled trade background. Examples of skilled trade include carpentry, machinery, automotive, fabrication, painting, plumbing, etc.

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Security is responsible for protection of facility, infrastructure and personnel of the SUPERNAP in compliance with various security standards of the industries present. We look for talented candidates who have prior military and/or law enforcement experience, are computer fluent and possess exceptional customer service skills. Candidates with security systems installation or operational safety supervision experience are welcome.

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The sales team is responsible for representing SUPERNAP and its unique services to potential clients from around the world. We look for talented people who have technology sales experience, excellent public speaking skills and the ability to work at light speed.

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Network Operations

Network Operations provides reliable, secure, high-availability network infrastructure and services to support and advance our customers. This is accomplished with careful planning, proactive 24/7/365 monitoring and outstanding customer service. There are several departments within the Network Operations team responsible for the entire network infrastructure and its interconnections. All candidates must be able to deliver superior customer service and possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Network Operations Center (NOC): The NOC monitors, coordinates and troubleshoots all network events. In addition, the NOC is the first line of support for all customers who need physical assistance with hardware.
  • Network Technician: Network Technicians are responsible for the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of all physical network cabling as well as the entire network infrastructure.
  • Network Engineer: Network Engineers ensure the integrity of high-availability network infrastructure in order to provide maximum performance by building and troubleshooting network configurations and connections.
  • Application Development: Our developers use programming language and source code to create software for our smart building Living Data Center (LDC) applications.
  • Information Technology: Our IT team provides the highest quality technology-based services and support for audio/visual, computer, multimedia, voice, servers and applications.

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With the goal of supporting students improving their skills, gaining hands-on experience, and building the self-confidence needed to develop their future career in Information Technology, SUPERNAP (Thailand) has an ongoing Internship Program.

A professional experience at the SUPERNAP (Thailand) data center is a unique occasion to discover a remarkable side of the digital world, led by innovation and excellency.

We invite all students in need of an internship to send us their resume and requirements, including the period and department desired.

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