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SUPERNAP executives possess world-class knowledge and expertise across a variety of disciplines. SUPERNAP thought leaders have presented around the globe, bringing the future of technology to the present.

The Future of Technology


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Sustainability for Business Forum 2022


Along with other experts, our Chief Executive Officer, Yap Jin Yi, discussed how to improve business impact on people and the planet with innovative and effective strategies of sustainable B2B digitalization at the Sustainability for Business Forum 2022

DCD Panel: How will innovation in power management impact key sustainability outcomes?

Virtual Event

There is increasing agreement that sustainability is a key responsibility in owning, operating and using data centers, The processes of powering a data center through all stages of its life from design to decommission are a key measure of data center performance. How is it possible to measure and manage the power path from generation to consumption in order to deliver on sustainability, cost and availability requirements?

iMasons APAC Summit

Virtual Event

An online event regrouping influential leaders from the Digital infrastructure industry to discuss the explosion of Decentralized Finance (Defi), the implications of the Metaverse and sustainability efforts within the region.

iMasons Thailand Chapter on Education

Video Release

5 panelists, including educational specialists and Human resource experts discuss the current trends and needs for recruiters and applicants and how organizations have developed programs to support the workforce getting the skills to succeed.

Together, and with the iMasons objective to increase the flow of talent into digital industries by raising awareness of career and educational opportunities, we explore the trends among the students, the needs of the recruiters, and the programs outside the classic curriculum to develop the skills needed for the workforce of Thailand 4.0. (Webinar held in Thai language)

Innovate faster while saving costs with SUPERNAP Thailand’s data center.

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Technological innovations support businesses to grow faster, by creating new streams of income and reducing costs, but also by raising reputation and trust in the organization. Investing in the right digital infrastructure helps improving the efficiency of your employees and business and gives the company a competitive advantage in its industry. (Webinar held in Thai language)

HIGH-DENSITY DATA CENTER, ready for the evolution of data.

Video Release

Data storage is extremely important nowadays, especially with technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, AI, and other innovations being developed for High-Performance Computing and High Density. Adequately managing data growth is a problem that many companies face. A successful data center expansion allows a company to increase their performance while getting a better return on investment. (Webinar held in Thai language)

IT System Improvement Strategy - not just migrating to the Cloud, but also accessing its services efficiently.

Video Release

Learn about SUPERNAP Thailand’s collaboration with Cisco and ngena, in providing the SD-WAN solutions, and the benefits from the comprehensive, integrated, fully automated, highly flexible and easy to use connectivity services to any location in the world. (Webinar held in Thai language)

SUPERNAP (Thailand)’s partnership with Schneider Electric

Video Release

SUPERNAP (Thailand)’s partnership with Schneider Electric. SUPERNAP (Thailand)’s partnership with Schneider Electric enables us to maintain a sustainable and energy efficient data center.

Discover how, thanks to #EcoStruxure, we monitor the usage of the data center’s capacity in real time and in-depth to increase the energy and cost efficiency of our operations.

iMasons Thailand Chapter Launch

Virtual Event

Virtual Event by Infrastructure Masons (iMasons)

The iMasons Thailand Chapter Launch – The virtual launch co-hosted by Mrs. Sunita Bottse, CEO of SUPERNAP Thailand and Mr. Stephane Nuss, Cluster President of Schneider Electric brought together an amazing community of delegates from the Digital Infrastructure world. The launch was marked by International leaders, elaborating on the iMasons 4 pillars: Education, Technical Innovation, Sustainability and Diversity & Inclusion.

Global Member Summit APAC

Virtual Event

Virtual Event by Infrastructure Masons (iMasons)

The Global Member Summit APAC – Virtual Event by Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) took place via an online fireside chat between the Founder & Chairman of iMasons, Mr. Dean Nelson and SUPERNAP Thailand’s Managing Director, Mrs. Sunita Bottse. During this very interesting conversation related to sustainability, Sunita talked about Thailand’s sustainable trends, her view on the Sustainability, Strategic Development and achievements of SUPERNAP Thailand regarding infrastructure leadership in the Tech industry.



Dealing with Big Data : SDN, Data Centres

Our Commercial Director, Nitipong Boon-Long discussed the topic of “Dealing with Big Data: SDN & Data Centres” in TelecomsWorldAsia’s webinar along with other experts to share their thoughts about SDN’s role in supporting the growing traffic and how data centers can help to improve infrastructure that will support the growing demand for Big Data.

Datacloud Global Congress


Asia’s Digital Charge – the drivers and opportunities across APAC

Sunita Bottse, was discussing and sharing her perspective on “Asia’s Digital Charge – the drivers and opportunities across APAC, analyzing the nuances of each market, capacity, investment potential and risk” at the Datacloud Global Congress in Monaco.

BKNIX Peering Forum 2019


Local Traffic Management Strategy in the Streaming Era

SUPERNAP (Thailand) joined the 4th BKNIX Peering Forum 2019 at Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit on, discussing the “Local Traffic Management Strategy in the Streaming Era” together with Facebook and Cloudfare representative.

Asia Insurance Review


New Era New Partnership:A Colocation Provider for the Push of Digital Transformation (DX)

Nitipong Boon-Long, our Commercial Director, was speaking at Asia Insurance Review conference at Millennium Hilton Bangkok on 29th April 2019 with the topic of “New Era New Partnership: A Colocation Provider for the Push of Digital Transformation (DX)”.


Hanoi, Vietnam

Nitipong Boon-Long, SUPERNAP (Thailand)’s Commercial Director, talked about the latest on Cloud & Data Centers on February 21, 2019 at InterContinental Hanoi, Vietnam. Knowledge and insights about the “Data Center Infrastructure Planning and Design for the Future” had be shared among key industry veterans and international experts.

DevOps Summit at Cloud Expo


DevOps – The Symptom of an Agile Organization DevOps is all the rage these days and with good reason as it promises to reduce the time to market for new applications. It also promises to improve change management, allowing teams to deploy changes to their applications quickly and efficiently. However, DevOps isn’t something you buy, install or implement; rather, it is the symptom of an appropriate organizational system. How do we get to the right organizational model that will allow DevOps practices to flourish?

DataCloud Europe


Is the data center dead? More than three years ago, a proclamation was made that the data center was dead. Now the original thought leaders re-assemble for the first time to discuss their assessment today.


Las Vegas

IoT’s Potential Impact on Your Data Center

What does going from 7 billion connected devices in 2014 to more than 40 billion in 2020 do to your data center and infrastructure strategy? The truth is no one really knows for sure. My perspective is the impact will be significant, but it’s not as obvious as “just more stuff.” The industry will see new opportunities arise and new stresses occur. I hope to shine a light on the subject, start some debate, and give you food for thought on next steps for your organization.

Data Center World

Las Vegas, NV

Does Your Cloud Really Need Its Own Data Center? (Panel)

For so many enterprises, the public cloud equals loss of control. But private cloud often means the further buildout of expensive, centralized infrastructure. Many IT leaders believe the only way to maintain security policies, compliance, and ultimate control is by building and managing their own data center and cloud infrastructure. However, the reality is that all the leading cloud companies are turning to industry experts to run some or all of their cloud infrastructure. This session looks at the pros and cons of running your own infrastructure versus leveraging infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and other related areas, such as colocation facilities. It also examines other popular alternatives to full data center buildout, such as PODs and modular architecture. Attendees learn key criteria to evaluate whether they should outsource or own their cloud platforms.

Avasant Provider Connect

Los Angeles

Jason talks about the one-of-a-kind ecosystem of Switch SUPERNAP, choosing a data center and future-proofing decisions.

The Green Data Center Conference

San Diego, CA

Exploring the Data Center of the Future: Where We Are and Where We Are Headed (Panel)

Cloud Technology Partners Cloud Computing Podcast

Enterprise Initiatives Episode 8: Should you avoid DIY private clouds? Mark discusses the idea that private clouds are often equated with do-it-yourself and why that should change. View Archive

Cloud Luminary Fireside Chat Series

Mark covers the history and technologies of Switch and SUPERNAP, industry trends and the data centers of the future. Mark’s insights into the next generation of technological innovations, and how these technologies speak to client needs and solutions, are invaluable. He shares his enthusiasm and passion for technology and how it impacts daily life and business on local, national and world stages. View Archive

Cloud Connect at Interop


The Power of a Strong IT Ecosystem

This session dives into the benefit of a broad and diverse technology ecosystem. As we pursue IT transformation and look to build better, more agile and innovation-oriented organizations, we must consider the technology ecosystem as integral to our ongoing success. Gain a better understanding of the value of having immediate real-time access to a strong technology ecosystem. Understand how the ecosystem plays a critical role in the IT organization’s ability to transform and become the Agile IT function known more for innovation than “keeping the lights on” that we all want.

Cloud Connect


Software Defined Data Center: Product or Project

Simply defined, the SDDC promises that you’ll be able to treat “all” of your IT infrastructure as if it’s completely malleable. That there are no restrictions to how you can use and assign everything from border controls to VM size as long as you stay within the technical capabilities of the devices. The promise is great, but the reality is still a dream for the majority of enterprises. This talk covers where and how a business might benefit from SDDC and also why they should or shouldn’t attempt to adopt today.

International Conference on Systems Engineering

Las Vegas

Technology Innovation and Economic Development

#theCUBE at EMC World

Las Vegas

Jason discusses cloud, big data and data center trends and how Switch SUPERNAP supports them. View Archive

Australian Data Center Strategy Summit


Introducing the Composable Enterprise

Businesses are demanding new functions and processes at low cost and high speed, driving technologists to consider new approaches to software development and technology adoption. Processes like agile and “the composable enterprise” will drive IT shops to models for technology and solution adoption that support real-time response to business requirements. IT infrastructure managers need to become part of a strong IT ecosystem, in proximity to a wide range of independent and competitive services and solution offerings.

Bisnow Data Center Summit

San Francisco

Mark Thiele explains the benefit of treating a data center as a foundational set of infrastructure tools. View Archive

Digital Health Summit at CES

Las Vegas

Jason discusses cloud, analytics and how Switch SUPERNAP supports the growing data storage needs of the healthcare industry. View Archive



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