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SUPERNAP Thailand takes pride in our Corporate Social Responsibility in three effective ways.


  1. Giving Back to the Community
    SUPERNAP Thailand creates engagement programs and volunteer programs where employees can contribute to the community, called the Steps Challenge Program, where each step taken by our employees is counted and generated as a donation to the community.
  2. Supporting the Education Sector
    The collaboration programs with the education sector starts by sharing our knowledge and working with universities such as Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and offering internship programs to students to gain knowledge about the IT industry and the importance of a data center to support the growth of a digital economy.
  3. Contributing to the well-being of the Environment
    At SUPERNAP Thailand, we are constantly focused on reducing our carbon footprint by operating and running the data center efficiently. We take pride in our patented cooling systems which ensure hot and cold air distribution is never blended inside the facility. This is one of many ways that we are committed to contribute to the environment and future generations.

Our company is constantly engaged with making sure we operate and develop in a sustainable way.

  • We focus on minimizing the use of power through our own advanced technology to cool our data center.
  • We use simple solutions, such as movement sensors, to lower the usage of electricity for lights.
  • We make use of our Data Center Infrastructure Management system which monitors and adjusts to the most efficient usage levels of power and energy.
  • We make sure that we purchase energy efficient equipment from vendors who have the same view as us regarding the environment.
  • We focus our efforts on contributing to education by setting up and maintaining collaborations with educational institutions like universities and schools to interest, train and prepare local students for jobs in the IT industry.
  • We regularly provide donations to non-profit organizations such as The Red Cross Society and care homes in the vicinity of the data center to help and support our community.


100% uptime carrier-neutral Tier IV hyperscale data center, built from the ground up to offer 33kW per cabinet and capacity of >60MW & space for >5000 cabinets SUPERNAP Thailand