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SUPERNAP Thailand ensures the most effective services of on-premises infrastructure for Cloud and CDN services by providing operational excellence, the flexibility to respond to strategic demand and the ability to simplify the difference between success and failure.

For Cloud or CDN providers, we provide the world’s best data center ecosystem with a perfect record for uptime, and most resilient digital technology hub. At SUPERNAP Thailand, Clouds and CDNs, which IT needs are mission-critical, never goes down and has all the hyperscale space it needs to grow.

As such, SUPERNAP (Thailand) has partnered with eASPNet (Taiwan) to provide technological excellence to introduce GWS CLOUD services in Thailand. The GWS CLOUD is a global cloud computing application platform that provides global cloud computing services to help businesses grow rapidly and achieve their goals while considering the cost of IT resources.


GWS CLOUD is Taiwan’s leading cloud services provider. It is built by eASPNet, a well-established data center in Taiwan. It is located at the international Internet interchange and the submarine cable hub. We combine our own benefits of a state-of-the-art data center environment, as well as its experience and industrial value chain. With 23 years of experience in ASP value-added services, we are now a professional cloud service provider, offering IaaS, backup, disaster recovery, AI SaaS, SD-WAN, GPU and more.

Unique Features + Benefits.

Global Connection

  • International cloud services provider.
  • Providing global cloud resources with GWS CLOUD alliance.
  • Connected with world-renowned telecoms carriers & gaming companies.

Security Superiority

  • 24/7 SOC information security monitoring.
  • Certified by ISO 27001/27011 Information Security Management.
  • Certified by ISO 27017/27018 Security for Cloud Services Standard.

Abundant Experience

  • Certified by Taiwan government.
  • Validated VMware Cloud Verified partners.
  • Pioneer in private, public , hybrid cloud & multi-cloud management.

Flexible Application

  • Monthly payment or pay-as-you-go.
  • Dedicated and self-service for cloud resources.
  • All specifications and architectures can be customized.

GWS CLOUD adopts ONE Platform technology to provide the All-in-ONE IaaS. Through pay-as-you-go methods, enterprises are free from paying large sums for software and hardware fees. Meanwhile, users can also enjoy the complete functions of the cloud environment and professional technical support to build IT systems and environments.

GWStack’s All-in-ONE solution integrates with GWS CLOUD services, providing enterprises with a complete hybrid cloud solution utilizing ONE Platform technology. In terms of authorization, we offer easy and fast procurement procedures. Enterprises can build their dedicated private cloud and hybrid cloud services in the most cost-effective and secure way.

S3 Storage
Supports file format at a price that is much more competitive than three major public cloud platforms such as Google Drive. The system supports Veeam and NAS backup and can be used as off-site or cloud storage drives. In addition, users can manage and utilize files in GWS CLOUD S3 with third-party tools such as Restful API, and corresponds to various storage needs of the enterprise.

Provides enterprises with a safe and stable backup storage. GWS CLOUD Backup supports all kinds of operating systems and conducts the backup recovery through the virtual or physical server. The technology of deduplication and data compression can effectively optimize storage space and reduce the internet bandwidth cost, which can also improve performance.

DR (Disaster Recovery) is the second heart of enterprise, preventing the loss of data due to natural disasters, avoiding service shutdown and damage to the rights of your clients. Through this technology and the pay-per-use pricing model, enterprises are adopted to significantly reduce the backup cost and technology threshold.

Also known as the“MPLS Killer”, SD-WAN achieves the same network connection stability and security at a fraction of the costs of MPLS and offers encrypted tunnels to bolster connection security. SD-WAN could be deployed automatically on the cloud, allowing enterprises to connect to branch offices fast and efficiently, offering a great user experience.

GPU Cloud
A comprehensive model development tool and deep learning toolchain. Our platform swiftly delivers resources, offering tailored GPU hardware configurations and infrastructures based on client needs. Intuitive GUI graphical management interface simplifies developers’ task of managing the complete training environment.

ABMS (Advanced Bare Metal Service) provides high-performance computing and a dedicated storage environment for enterprises. The flexibility of ABMS can significantly save on management costs. It can work with your existing infrastructures to deploy systems and applications rapidly. The service can be delivered to customers as fast as 4 hours!

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100% uptime carrier-neutral Tier IV hyperscale data center, built from the ground up to offer 33kW per cabinet and capacity of >60MW & space for >5000 cabinets SUPERNAP Thailand