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SUPERNAP Thailand ensures the most effective services of on-premises infrastructure for Cloud and CDN services by providing operational excellence, the flexibility to respond to strategic demand and the ability to simplify the difference between success and failure.

For Cloud or CDN providers, we provide the world’s best data center ecosystem with a perfect record for uptime, and most resilient digital technology hub. At SUPERNAP Thailand, Clouds and CDNs, which IT needs are mission-critical, never goes down and has all the hyperscale space it needs to grow.

As such, SUPERNAP (Thailand) has partnered with eASPNet (Taiwan) to provide technological excellence to introduce Global Web Service (GWS) services in Thailand. The GWS (Global Web Service) is a global cloud computing application platform that provides global cloud computing services to help businesses grow rapidly and achieve their goals while considering the cost of IT resources.

GWS (Global Web Services)

Public Cloud + Private Cloud = Hybrid Cloud
eASPNet, established in 2000, is well known for its top-notch maintenance team, robust information security protection, and rich value-added service experience which creates a trustworthy cloud services platform enhancement for enterprises. The GWS hybrid cloud services include “cloud resource pool”, “cloud backup”, “disaster recovery” and “MCM multi-cloud management” services.

All in one plug and play appliance on premise
By combining private cloud with public ones, eASPNet’s GWStack “All-in-One” solution provides both hybrid cloud technology and services. This enables users to access private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud in no time. GWStack also features a monthly-based payment plan: the fast and easy to achieve digital transformation.

Discover how Finn Solution switched to SUPERNAP (Thailand)’s GWS Cloud to reduce both cost & latency by 50% here.

Understand how Investing in the right digital infrastructure helps improving the efficiency of your employees and business and gives the company a competitive advantage in its industry in this video (Webinar held in Thai language).


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100% uptime carrier-neutral Tier IV hyperscale data center, built from the ground up to offer 33kW per cabinet and capacity of >60MW & space for >5000 cabinets SUPERNAP Thailand