Bangkok, Thailand –Cloud computing is growing significantly, and research shows that the Cloud computing market revenue in ASEAN is estimated to reach US$30.32 billion by 2025. More than enough reason for SUPERNAP (Thailand), the most advanced Tier IV certified data center in the ASEAN region, to set up partnership with Cloud application provider eASPNet (Taiwan).

As the number 1 Hybrid Cloud provider and top 2 public cloud provider Domestic in Taiwan, eASPNet (Taiwan) is an excellent partner to cater the cloud application needs of corporate clients in Thailand and the ASEAN region. Globally many corporations have recognized during 2020 that continuance of operations supported by a great IT infrastructure is extremely important for the survival of the business.

Being able to scale your need for IT support requires a strong IT infrastructure which has to include a reliable data center with 100% uptime and a cloud application provider that can provide a seamless platform for the company and its end-users. In the region and especially in Thailand, more companies move away from using traditional data centers to store, process and distribute their data. Corporations choose more to make use of excellent data centers and cloud application providers that can provide security, reliability and flexibility.

SUPERNAP (Thailand) is a Tier IV data center that offers customers a highly competitive price for different solutions, which include colocation services that allows customers to make use of shared benefits, such as expertise and security.

Together with SUPERNAP (Thailand), eASPNet (Taiwan) will provide the technological excellence to introduce GWS services in Thailand. The GWS (Global Web Service) is a global cloud computing application platform that provides global cloud computing services to help businesses grow rapidly and achieve their goals while considering the cost of IT resources.

eASPNet’ s Cloud on GWS solutions includes Hybrid Services of GWStack Leasing Services, Cloud Storage Backup Services, Disaster Recovery Offsite Backup Services and Resource Pool Services. With a professional network management center, eASPNet provides a wealth of network resources and 24/7 real-time technical support, making it the best choice for enterprise cloud services.

The Chairman of eASPNet, Mr. Jackson Wu, reacted, “We are very excited to announce that eASPNet is launching GWS Hybrid Cloud and Multi-cloud services platform in SUPERNAP (Thailand), the State-Of-The- Art Tier IV data center in Thailand. This new site will be a perfect location to develop cloud business to Southeast Asia.”

As the number one data center in the Thailand and Asia, SUPERNAP (Thailand) provides data center services with 100% availability across the region to enhance technology for all sizes of businesses and their customers’ experiences.

Mrs. Sunita Bottse, CEO of SUPERNAP (Thailand) stated,” We very much look forward to the partnership with eASPNet to offer Cloud on GWS solutions. We provide first-rate support to the demand for top digital technologies within the Thai and ASEAN economy. Our services and applications will contribute to the development of the digital infrastructure of Thailand to gain competitiveness as a hub for Data Centers in Asia Pacific and a gateway into the ASEAN Digital Economic Community.”

About SUPERNAP (Thailand)

SUPERNAP (Thailand) is a joint-venture company between Switch and leading Thai companies, located at WHA Industrial Estate 2, Chonburi. The facility is based on the design and operations of the state-of-the-art, multi-tenant Switch facilities in the U.S., which hold Tier IV Design, Tier IV Facility, and Tier IV Gold Operations certifications.

Switch is a technology infrastructure ecosystem corporation designing, building, and operating the most advanced highest-rated data centers on the planet.

SUPERNAP (Thailand) offers data center services to large companies, governments, multinationals and cloud service providers.

About eASPNet
eASPNet Taiwan Inc. was officially inaugurated in December 2000. The Data Center (IXC, Internet Exchange Center) located at Neihu District, Taipei. The location was carefully chosen to provide our customers first line of defense against natural disasters like earthquake and floods.

Not only a first-class Data Center in Asia, eASPNet is proud to be the Tier 3 Internet /Submarine Cable landing hub of Taiwan. Since 2016, eASPNet has worked together with VMware, a global leader in cloud computing infrastructure, to build Taiwan’s first Hybrid Cloud. This has enabled the vast number of VMware-based businesses to adopt a Hybrid Cloud platform built on VMware’s SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) technology, and to enjoy secure, stable and high-performance cloud services. GWS (Global Web Service) is a global cloud computing application platform that provides global cloud computing services to help businesses grow rapidly and achieve their goals while considering the cost of IT resources.