July 12, 2018 – Nearly 50 Executive leaders were present at the first edition of SUPERNAP Thailand’s annual conference “Digitally Connected World- Innovative, Technology and Security Imperatives”. The conference allowed key decision makers of the IT industry to share insights and global trends.

SUPERNAP Thailand organized the first conference to reflect the need of data security in higher demands of emerging digital economy with the support from leading partners such as Munters, Schneider Electric, Microsoft, Dell EMC and Deloitte Consulting to participate as key note speakers. “As cross-border data transactions grow as well as the increasing demand of Big Data and Cloud Services, IT leaders today face the challenging task of delivering rich, customer-centric data with the risk to ensure the appropriate level of data protection” said Mrs. Sunita Bottse, Managing Director of SUPERNAP Thailand.

Multiple forces have driven both government agencies and enterprise sectors across the world to focus on data canter modernization comparing from the last decade. From a technology standpoint, today’s data center must support provisioning on demand, scalability, virtualization, flexibility and importantly data security to respond to fast changing requirements and operational situations.

“While Thailand has embarked a ‘Thailand 4.0’ vision for all sectors of the economy to be digital, the importance of protecting information stored in data centres has risen in prominence alongside news of high-profile breaches. Given that it is a top priority, it may be helpful for executive leaders to take a closer look at this agenda in particular to understand whether infrastructure, data management processes, and IT and cybersecurity technologies are in place to protect their business environment” said Dr. Pichet Durongkaveroj, Minister of Digital Economy and Society during opening remarks.

Currently, Southeast Asia is the world’s fastest growing Internet region with nearly four million new users coming online every month for the next five years. This translates into a user base of 480 million by 2020 and there are over 700 million active mobile connections in Southeast Asia. Having considered such the exponential growth, Cybersecurity is one of the most concerns. “The cybersecurity strategy should be a business driven, threat based approach to managing cybersecurity risks. That only by considering the components: business, threat and capabilities, an organization can make informed, strategic decisions about where to invest in its cyber security in order to maximize its cyber resilience.” shared by Mr. Pinyo Treepetcharaporn, Risk Advisory Director from Deloitte Consulting.

IT and IT infrastructure have a key role to play in the success of Industry 4.0 as they provide the enabling technology. However, the advantages that the IOT offers must be balanced against the risk to IT security posed by a production environment. The data center, as a major primary resource for businesses, deserves the dedicated security effort to provide protection against advanced threats. As the leader in data center ecosystem design, development and mission critical operations, SUPERNAP is committed to provide the best-in-class industry standard frameworks. “We just recently received ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certification from the world biggest certified body based in UK, British Standards Institution (BSI). This is just one example to reinforce our commitment to provide a complete assurance to our customers towards our security protocols, controls and practices” said Mrs. Sunita Bottse.

About SUPERNAP Thailand
SUPERNAP Thailand is a joint venture company between Switch, Siam Commercial Bank, True IDC and Kasikorn Bank. The SUPERNAP Thailand data center is located at WHA Industrial Estate 2, Chonburi and was established under a BOI promotion scheme in 2014. The facility is based on the design and operations of the state-of-the-art, multi-tenant Switch facilities in the U.S., which hold Tier IV Design, Tier IV Facility, and Tier IV Gold Operations certifications.