National Data Center and Cloud Services Upgrade to International Standards Tier IV

On December 9, 2021, the National Telecom (NT) – the merged entity of state enterprises CAT Telecom and TOT – and SUPERNAP (Thailand) signed the MOU celebrating their collaboration into supporting the governmental digital modernization: the Data Center and Cloud Services Partnership Program, supporting the national data center and cloud services upgrade to international standards Tier IV.

Partnering with SUPERNAP (Thailand), the data center leader in ASEAN, will allow National Telecom to provide 100% uptime for Cloud services to governmental agencies, in a high security data center premises under certified international Tier IV standards.

This project is an important national step towards quality, safety and reliability of the governmental Cloud in line with the digital exponential expansion which has been accelerated by the pandemic the past two years.

A dramatic increase of applications has been put into operation for the governmental driving force, including working from home, video conferencing, and the need to store, manage and access the information in a secured and efficient manner has become the outmost priority.

Group Captain Somsak Khaosuwan, Acting President of the National Telecom, said that the cooperation with SUPERNAP (Thailand) will give NT more options and convenience in Use Data Center and Cloud services.

“NT is a state-owned enterprise with the goal to driving and upgrading the telecommunication and digital services for the government, having the telecom infrastructure covering the whole country. Therefore, this cooperation brings together the strengths of both organizations to develop NT’s service capabilities. We are confident that it will be able to meet the diverse needs and bring more benefits to customers.” Gp.Capt. Somsak Khaosuwan said.

State bureaus will access data center and Cloud services, without the need to set up their own data centers. The project will save time, resources, and significantly reduce Infrastructure costs, while improving government efficiency.

The first carrier-neutral hyperscale data center in the country: SUPERNAP (Thailand), will be providing the power, space, security, and networking to the Ministry, meeting the governmental demand for security and performance while ensuring the future needs with flexibility and scalability.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) the rapid deployment of the government’s cloud will be ensured for all ministries, departments, and agencies to have securely and efficiently access to the information needed and benefit easily of the technology in a sustainable way, and ready to scale up as required.

Being the most advanced data center and cloud hosting provider, our facility has been built to support governments and corporates, while our services are made to facilitate the storage and process the mission-critical data assets with the highest security and no downtime” said Sunita Bottse, CEO of SUPERNAP (Thailand).

It is an honor to work with NT, and to be part of their innovation program while supporting their sustainability goals by providing our digital infrastructure solutions, with international experience and local knowledge to support the government to innovate faster and scale on-demand.” Added Mrs. Bottse.

SUPERNAP (Thailand) data center is modular and scalable with two planed additional data center expansions, to provide more than 60MW of distributed power and space for more than 5,000 cabinets including disaster risk mitigation supported by the latest proven and industry leading designs, allowing the government digital infrastructure to grow with the demand.

Furthermore, SUPERNAP (Thailand) cutting-edge data center is connected via multi-carrier fiber coupled with separate paths and guaranteeing total redundancy for the most reliable network connectivity under any circumstance.

Seizing the opportunity to host servers in the build-on-purpose SUPERNAP (Thailand) offers considerable advantages as well on the sustainability front: SUPERNAP (Thailand) innovative power and cooling technologies allow the company to be the most advanced data center sustainable by design with a density up to 33 kW per cabinet and achieving an annual Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) average rating of 1.35-1.45, a level more efficient than any other data center in ASEAN.

This accomplishment will enable the governmental agencies to reduce further their carbon footprint and reach their own green milestone by joining the global movement towards clean energy

Through SUPERNAP (Thailand) infrastructure and solutions, the Thai government achieves the highest international standards for data center and cloud services, reinforcing its presence and Thailand reputation as digital and technological hub at a global level, featuring security, reliability and excellence.


About SUPERNAP (Thailand):

SUPERNAP (Thailand) is a joint venture between Thai leading companies and Switch, the world Leader in data center ecosystems and designs.

SUPERNAP (Thailand) Tier IV certified data center offers 100% uptime colocation services, to large companies, multinationals, government and cloud service providers.

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About NT:

National Telecommunications Public Company Limited, or NT, is a state-owned telecommunication enterprise of Thailand under the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. Providing digital and telecommunication services both internationally and domestically with more than 530 branch offices nationwide.

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