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Visut Keeratikaroon

Network Operations Manager

Visut Keeratikaroon is the Network Operations Manager of SUPERNAP Thailand. He is in charge of managing overall networks and systems infrastructure, including data center hosting services provided to customers and internal user infrastructure. This is to ensure that SUPERNAP Thailand data center continues providing stable, industry-leading data center services technology for the customers complying with industry IT security standards.

Prior to joining SUPERNAP Thailand, Visut successfully managed challenging IT infrastructure related projects internationally in many countries, such as Germany, France and China. He has extensive experiences from working in both professional services and managed services industries. Along his career path, he served major customers with global DC footprint i.e. Airbus SE, Allianz Global Investors, and Thomson Reuters.

Visut has a Computer Engineering degree from the university of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. He also holds professional certificates and awards in various fields within IT sector ranging from IT service and project management to technical certificates. He is committed on putting his experiences and skills to good use by leading his team and organization to position as one of the best Data Center hub in Asia Pacific.